20 March 2010

From LEXTHARY again..=D

Ten facts
1. name: Noor Shazana Adanan
2. birthplace: Klang, Selangor
3. real hair color: Black(of course la!!anak melayu pe..)
4. Ethnicity: Jawa and Minang
5. Talent: Make people lough
6. birthday: 28 Julay 1990
7. mood: Happy
8. favorite color: Purple and Orange
9. where do you live: Klang, Selangor
10. left or right handed: Right

Ten things about your love life
1. do you love someone? -->Not for now!Hate yes!
2. do you believe in love at first sight? -->Actually yes! But never happened to me
3. who ended your last relationship? --> Who do u think? Me la!!
4. have you ever hurt anyone emotionally? -->Yes!
5. have you ever broken someone's heart? -->Hell yeah!!
6. longest relationship? -->5 years..
7. have you ever liked someone but never told them? -->yes!
8. are you afraid of commitment? -->Nop! Really trying to..
9. have you hugged someone within the last week? -->Justin Timberlake!(in a dream!)
10. have you ever had a "secret" admirer?--> who? me? i guess not...

Ten this or that
1. love or lust: LOVE!
2. accent or no accent: NO
3. cats or dogs: CATS
4. a few best friends or many regular friends: DEPENDS ON SITUATION
5. myspace or friendster: HUH? WHAT???
6. pepsi or coke: PEPSI
7. wild night out or romantic night?: AN ENDLESS WILD NIGHT!=)
8. money or happiness: MONEY!
9. night or day: BOTH
10. IM or msn : BLOOGING!!=D

Ten have you
1. been caught sneaking out? -->NOT YET!
2. been skinny-dipping with your bf/gf? -->MAYBE...=D
3. done something you regret? -->YES!
4. bungee jumped? -->NO, WANT TO TRY IT...=D
5. lied to someone you loved? -->SOMETIMES, IF I HAD TO..
6. finished an entire jawbreaker? -->NO!
7. looked through a significant other's phone, email, myspace, etc. because you thought they were cheating on you? -->ALWAYS
8. wanted an ex boyfriend/girlfriend/date back?--> NAH!!!=D
9. cried because you lost a pet? -->NEVER HAD A PET!
10. wanted to disappear? -->HELL YEAH! THIS IS MY OWN WORLD RITE??=D

Ten preferences

1. light hair or dark hair: BLACK!=)
2. hugs or kisses: HUGS!
3. shorter or taller: NOT IMPORTANT!
4. intelligence or attraction: MORE TO ATTRACTION!
5. Jeans or shorts: JEANS!
6. English or math: ENGLISH!
7. hook-up or relationship: RELATIONSHIP
8. do you want a girlfriend/boyfriend: BOY LA!!!
9. sun or moon: STAR!!=D
10. day or night: MIDNIGHT
people you tagging:YOU!!=D

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