11 April 2010

Nobody but You..

what should i say to you?
what should i do to make you believe me?
tell me..
it is impossible for you to love me?
all i ever wanted was to see you smiling..
all i ever wanted was to make you mine
i know that i love you..
why don't you see?
that all i ever wanted was you and me....
i will never find another lover,
i still loving you...
all my life i pray for someone like you...
and i thank GOD that i finally find you..
gotta be with you..
you the one i want,
and i will continue loving
and there will be no one know
why i am into you,
cause they never know what is like to walk in my shoes,
the thing we been through..
no one will know...
your the precious thing that happen to me
i wanna be with you
gotta be with you..
we've been too strong for to long
and i never want to live without you...
i can't be without you..
can't sleep without you
cause it to hard to make it
all i ever know nothing can replace it,
sitting here alone,
looking the picture in my hand
i really want to know what we did wrong
i don't know how to live without your love
i was born to make you happy
always and forever you and me
that's the way our life should be...
if only you were here tonight,
i know we could make it right..
you tell me your in love me,
that you can't take your eyes away from me
it's not like i don't want to stay
i want to believe in everything that you say
cause it sound so good..
but if you really want me to do so...
there's something you should know about me
sometime i run
sometime i hide
sometime i scared with you
but all i really want
is just hold you tight treat you right
be with you day and night..
you are my sun
you are my earth
you are my everything..
tell me you love me
but why did you leave me all alone???
tell me you miss me
but why did you hang me up on the phone?
don't act like you don't know it..
i always knew you were the best
the coolest among all
your who i am thinking up
you were my runner up
no matter what you always my number one
can this be true?
can this be real??
never thought that love could be like this
you change my world in just one kiss
when i look into your eyes
i know that this is true..
GOD must has spent a little more time on you..
i want to spend my life time loving you,
every step i take
every move i made
every single day
every time i pray I'll be missing you..
when you with me
it's like an angle came by
and took me to heaven
cause when i stare in your eyes
it's always be better..
trust me...

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