18 November 2010


Hai everybody..
actually I've got a contest to enter..
this contest is been organized by..
he is one of my U mate at Kuala Terengganu...
Just trying this contest for fun actually..

first this is the term and conditions that you have to read before you entering this contest.. 
click this: terms and conditions 

Alright, straight to the point,
this contest actually is related with the picture above..
cute isn't it?

Okay then, 
that buddy up there have name actually..
and his name is GREEN and you can called him GINNY..
this is because,
he is green..
of course what, 
he is so green..
this ginny guys love to play rugby..
one of the reason he like to play the rugby because he's tired of watching round or circle thing,
because his face is round, even his eyes..
don't say about his family,
everyone have circle head and eyes..
 so, he choose to play this sport is because the ball is oval in shape..
 in his team, he's wearing a jersey with number 9..
the jersey also in green..
did I mention he love green?hahah...
you can notice it rite?heeee
and you know what, 
every game he ever been playing,
he always win.
unless when it was raining...
do you guys know why?
that is because,
when he played the rugby,
the field is always green rite?
so it is a perfect disguise for him..
before you even notice, 
he already score a touchdown..
unless it was raining,
because the field will get slippery and messy...
with all the mud..
his disguise will be leak...
that's why he lost when it is raining..
until now,
he already win 99 games over 100 games..
his team been defeat only one time
by the white team..
because they have their game on the ice..
of course la they lost,
the ice is white...
and he and his team are green..

and this ginny huge family
his parents which is his dad are white and his mom is black..
and he has 14 siblings..
same as the color in LUNA brand..
red,yellow,orange,blue and many more, 
I've forgot their name already..
and he is the green one..
and you know what..
he have a twin..
light and dark green..
and even though ginny have many siblings..
His family always live happily..
even though sometimes even his parents forgot their children's name..

so, that's all about green a.k.a ginny...
anything you want to ask,
just ask me..


sembil9n said...

hahaha///thanx :P aku buat pon utk suke3

♥ Roshazzy Shag ♥ said...

All the best, dear ;)

Shazana Adanan said...

all the best to u to shag..

sembil9n said...



chentamiera said...

Pemenang..!!! tahniah2..
story yg mmg best ..

Shazana Adanan said...

thank you...

erie said...

wah.nie la pemenang nyer...
waa...mmg suka an...share la skit kredit 2 nanti yar...heheheh