24 November 2010

Damn! It's Hard.

Hi all.
today is another day that I wasted..
As I mentioned yesterday,
That I want to color my hair again..
with Syurah..
I did.
and you guys know what happened?
that's why,
nothing happened to my hair..
only in the lighting from sunlight will make my hair colored.
Is it hard enough to make the color stick to my hair?
I choose Burgundy this time.
and still nothing.
like I say,
it need the sunlight.
but hell no!
I hated it.
It's like I just want to buy another brand of hair color.
s**t man!

why should I be angry?
well at list you didn't look like a clown if your hair is colored.
wish my hair color just be there even though it was dark..

do anyone have a way to make the color seen?
if yes, 
please do leave a comment here..


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