18 November 2010

Dream that Hard to Achieve!

Hi All..
today I would like to tell you all about a dream that is really fucking hard to achieve..
you guys know what the dream is?
oh gosh!
help me...
you know how I love KOREAN rite?
okay let me tell you,
when I sign in my blog
I saw this update from big bang team..
about this one calendar diary including YG family picture..
just not big bang,
2NE1(to anyone),
and se7en..
it's damn beautiful!!
I want to buy it....
see it for yourself..
click this: YG Diary
you will be startled about it..
but only for those who love this Korean artist la..
for those who don't like them,
what can I do rite?
It's your life..

back to the topic..
I really-really want that thing..
but when I go to the web site which is ygeshop..
I've been more shocked when the web page appear..
there are so many other thing that is damn beautiful
and i really-really want it..
and you know what
I think it's not going to happen..
that is because I have to join first
attach my ID card which already been scanned
and wait for approval..
it's not like I don't trust the internet
which i don't actually..
of course la,
it's scared me,
and it's dangerous what
when we have to put our social identity number in it...
It feel like something is going to happen in the future
until now, 
I did not join the site
It's not like the site is can't be trust
it just me..
I don't trust them..
you understand me rite?
so that is what my title about
dream that hard to achieve..
but hell!!!
I really like those diary,
they even sell a calendar you know..
even a hoodie from the yg family...
I dream to have them all...
ya, it's impossible if I don't even try rite?
but how am I supposed to do that
when u want to purchased it
you must buy it with your credit card?
where the hell am I gonna find the credit card?
I hope I just can have them just like that..
you understand what I'm talking rite?
with the snap from my finger
I wish all that thing were in front of me..
(daydreaming again..)
oh GOD!
why can't I have a super power?

when can I go to KOREA and see them for myself..
I'm serious guys...
I will go to Korea,
whether I went there for study or on a vacation
I will go there!
and guys 
you all can be my witness..
If it was not me, 
my heirs will go there
but guys!
I will go there someday!!!

p/s: is there anyone out there want to buy for me those thing? It could be my birthday present.. anybody??

(picture of me on last semester when I was still 19 years old)

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