21 November 2010


hi all..
how you all doing?
I've got something to tell you all...

it's about my boy...
I don't know why,
but it seems like we did not know each other now..
we don't text,
we barely called each other...
and yes!
we rarely meet..
we've only meet when he's at his home in sentosa...
and if he's not there,
you know what...

I miss him..
but what can I do?
He got his own life..
who am I to interrupt with his life?
it is a lie
if I say I don't love him...
I do love him...

it doesn't mean that 
our relationship is fine..

I don't know what to say anymore..
he just send me a text..
he ask,
"why do our relationship be like this?"

and I just say
"Don't know..."

I know he hated me, when I just reply his text with only one words..
but it's not my fault..
I've said the truth..
I don't know...
last time we met,
we are not like this...
you all see how happy we are rite?
with all the pictures..
I don't know why...

it's not like I've tell you all this story to make you feel burden with it..
I just want to tell you all..
that's all..

and yes!
we are still in the fight...
and I hope this is not the end of my relationship...

<3...I DO LOVE HIM...<3

p/s: I've actually just came back from my relative's house at Serdang.. I am so tired, so I talk to you guys later..

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