23 November 2010

Let me introduce you to...

My friend:

from the right:

let me take you to see them closer:

Nurul Jaidaa R. 
I called her J, Kak J. or Jda..
she's single..
she totally in love with KOREA like me.
and she's the one who introduce me to the KOREA..
she have a high self esteem..
she never get scared of anything..
she's very brave when it comes to ask someone..
and the most important is..
she is my ROOMMATE..

Nur Adilah R.
She's very happy go lucky..
she still single..
you can call her kak ton.
when she laugh,
she make a sound like she was still a baby...
she's very sweet ,
love to make other people laugh..
and the best is..
"people said she's in the same size like me"

Hanis Aniza Z.A
you can call her anis..
she's single too..
she love to online..
I mean every time okay..
this the only picture I have..
She never have her picture alone..
the best is,
when I want to buy something or anything, I just invite her to buy with me and she will say YES..

Nur Izzaty A.
She's the best..
you can call her aty
she's single for now.. is it?hurmm..
She love to do thing on her own..
I mean she want everything done to the way she wants..
she hate to make other people sad..
she hate to make other people feel difficult..
she's a stubborn..
and the best is..
she love to gossip with me and she's hot!

Siti Nurbazilah M.R
you can call her baz..
she love to study..
I guess..
I don't know what she love..
cause she do everything on her own.
she kind of independent..
she never count on other people..
she's single I think..
and the best is..
"whenever it's hard, she will be there"

and lastly me..

Noor Shazana A.
people call me peah, rox, and angah..
I love to eat.. like a lot..
I love CRAB..
but I can't eat seafood cause of my allergies..
I have a boyfriend..
and the best of all..
I love all of my friend..

they beautiful right?
for further information just ask me..
and I will ask them first..
p/s: you guys know what? all of them are single..
good luck guys..
to all my love, sorry for uploading your picture without telling you first.. :*

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