22 November 2010

Spa at Home..

hi all..
got new excitement for today..
here it goes..

when I woke up at 10 o'clock in the morning,
my eldest sister ask me to accompany her to go to Bukit Raja..
I assume we are going to the Jusco Bukit Raja,
so without thinking I just said YES!
and when we arrived there,
It was weird when she did not enter the Jusco,
but she went straight to somewhere else
which still in the place Bukit Raja,
and you know what?
she bring me to the Hair Style shop there,
and she buy a few stuff for her spa..
which she done at home..
I'll accompany her,
and I thought it was over after that,
but it just get started..
she asked me to go to somewhere else
which in Shah Alam..
and you know where it is?
Mydin Shah Alam..
on the way there, 
she show me the way to go to the Uptown Shah Alam..
we arrive at Mydin,
and our purpose is to buy Henna...
and yes we got it..
maybe tomorrow we will color our hair..
my color is..
scared to tell you all..
will upload picture later,
if I look good with that color...
or else,
I will color it black again..
after then my sis treat me at Deli..
It was delicious..
thanks sis..

and after we went back home
She make my face..
she treat me like I was in a spa..
it was good..

and my face feel smooth now..
thanks once again sis..
love you...

p/s: to my friend zaty.. be tough k.. I know you can.. :)
and I'm gonna miss my old hair...


Cik Fia said...

kakak kamu bukak spa ke

Shazana Adanan said...

saje2 je..
die dulu keje kat spa,
so practice kat rumah..
tp saya still kene bayar..heee