21 November 2010

Who? Me? Yes!

I've got into the final round on the contest untuk...siapa?
I didn't hope for anything..
*a bit of hope only actually*

oh ya~
this morning I've went to my grandparents house at Seremban,
my father's brother son..
get his circumcision today and a little feast for finishing reading AL-QURAN early..
It was a big ceremony for us actually..
It look likes his going to get married..
but nah....
he just 9 - 10 years old actually..

It was so tired..
really guys..
the night before I barely felt asleep..
with the heavy rain outside..
I can't sleep..
and I have to get up at 8 o'clock in the morning..
thank God..
I actually wake up,
or else I will get a yell from my father..
His a bit sensitive this day..
everything we've done
we have to think carefully
or else..

we went back to Klang on 5 o'clock.
when arrived home
I've went to the room and fell asleep..
Oh ya! 
there is another one,
My relationship is not over ok..
we still need each other..

what else?
oh yes~
at the village, 
I have to babysits my relative son..
I've don't know his age actually.
back to the story,
after his crying freaking out loud non-stop,
I've decide to give him to his mother,
after his mother giving him milk,
he went straight to sleep..
and his mother said to me.

"take care of him, watch him if his cry ok"

"okay" I've reply.

my sister turn the television volume a little bit laud and I said

"hey, slow it down, Hassan sleeping inside"

and after that,
we heard his crying.
I've run to him and you know what?
he fell from his swing..
he made a break dance there..
luckily he stop crying when I lift him up..
thank God!
my nephew said,

he always fell from his swing..

this boy is tough!

I hope there is nothing serious..
okay la..
that's all for today..
see ya!

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