11 December 2010

Everything Happen For A Reason.

Greetings Friends.

Everything in my life that happen have a reason.
so I decide to move on.
Never look back again.
New image will come.
maybe yes,
maybe not.
just wait patiently.
once the new image come.
there are no turning back again.

for now,
I've visited the isubs-squad.com
for downloading Korean game show.
really funny.
family outing and running man.
really love this show.
I've kind of busy for a moment okay.
love my reader.
(dreaming to be famous.)

oh ya~
the search for the man still continue.
hoping he will still be alive.

1 comment:

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

yup......thats rite. everything happen 4 a reason