03 December 2010

Give me one more time.

baby give me one more time.

it was nothing actually.
all I want to say is,
today was fun.
hanging out with my family.
Go to the mall,
shopping for home stuff,
everything was going fineee~
except when I was touching with my mum.
but it's nothing.
It's only last for a minute.
she is my mum rite?

my sister is start to working at TESCO as a ...manager.
I don't know the position,
but i'm sure she's a manager.
she was lucky the TESCO was only a few kilometer from home.
congratulation's once again sis.

my younger sister and my father not feeling well today.
she's have a sore throat
and my father have a fever.
hate to see them in this condition.
everything they done is in limited movement.
hope they will feeling well soon.
and please GOD. 
keep the disease away from my mother and sister
yes including me.
so we can have a happy day together again. 

and yes!
my follower keep rising.
thanks for those who are following me.
may GOD bless you all.
have a nice life.

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