04 December 2010

Guess what?

hi guys,
want to know something?
i've try to play omegal.
it's for fun.
nothing serious.
just for finding new friends.
and found some malay guy there.
but it doesn't go further.
my connection got cut.
but what the hell.
I already have a boyfriend.
so all that's just for fun actually.

no need to be jealous okay sayang..

and those who rising my followers number up.
what do you think of giving a present for the follower number 47?
wanna try?
let me think what to give first.
who like to try go ahead. 
and after you become the 47 followers
make sure you leave a comment to me.
i'll decide later what to give.
but i hope i don't have to post it.
maybe a 5 ringgit topup.
who wants?

miss my old hair.:(
 natural without rebonding.
but now, 
my hair grow and i can call them natural again.:)

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