23 January 2011

Confession of A Girl.

Greeting's Reader
I'll have something to ask you guys actually,
Do you think I should write my post in English or Malay?
I'm in a dilemma right now.
What do you guys prefer?
Do you guys prefer to read my blog written in Malay or English
(act like there is someone who reading my blogs)
Hope you guys answer me soon
Just comment here at the post.
And of course,
Those who don't have the Google Account can comment my blog to...

p/s: Actually, There is something I need to tell you guys about my LOVE life.
Wait for tomorrow okay.
Love you guys. 

1 comment:

simplyme-jda said...

i prefer kacukan, coz i kan kacukan...hahaha,kidding lol
better bM kot...