10 January 2011


Evening Readers.
How are you today?
I hope you all not in shock after watching AJL. 
fuck shit about that. 

straight to my story.
Come back to Puncak Alam today.
Well I decided to not drive my car 
Couse my sister want to use it for 7 weeks. 
My dad have to drove me and Jaidaa back to Puncak Alam.
Jaidaa ride with me,
I have to pick her up at the KTM first.
I made the decision to not bring my car is..
Anyss is driving her own car. 
A bigger one.
Bigger than my car.
Excited meh..
But unfortunately,
her car is manual.
So, I have to drive her car in night.
I know she can drive in the morning. 
But I really-really excited today.
I've got to drive and ride the big car. 

I didn't tell you that I'm having a barbecue today right?
Last day, (which I can't remember when)
Eazy my friend invited us (My house mate)
to the barbecue
with a fee of RM 5 per person.
we all agreed to go to the barbecue for fun. 
that's why we all come back to our rent house here early
To make sure we all didn't go to their (Eazy) house late.
And surprisingly,
We are the one who arrive early there.
we also decided to go to Tesco after eating the barbecue.
We can't hang out there long enough to chit chat.
After we eat one chicken and a little of Nasi Goreng Kampung
We decided to move on. 
we manage to take a few picture of us having the barbecue.
And believe me,
It was fun. 
And once again,
I drove the car to Tesco at Setia Alam,
Which a little bit far from our house.
It kind a scary for driving the car with manual gears. 
Especially when I stop at the traffic light. 
My heart was begging to the engine for not stopping at the middle of the traffic light. 
And thank GOD. 
It didn't. 
When we arrive at the Tesco,
We buy the stuff that we want.
And guess what?
It cost me RM 41 for buying this few things:

-Nivea Lotion's
-M&M's Chocolate
-Zip Chocolate

All that stuff cost me RM 41 okay. 
But it's okay.
I buy that for my own use. 

After finishing our shopping,
we went straight home
and yes.
I drove the car again.

It make really excited okay.
And after arriving home.
Jaidaa said to me..

"Peah, you were so fast. I'm afraid to sit at the back. I feel like I was riding a roller coaster. You can't imagine how I hold the cushion"

I've laugh when I heard that.
Why don't she tell me earlier..

And now,
I can't wait to drive again tomorrow. 

But wait,
why should I be excited. 
It's not my car. 
It's okay. 
All my house mate parents believe in me for driving their children anywhere.
Including the owner of the car trusting me to drive their car.

And I really-really hope and pray to GOD,
when we drive the car,
nothing happen. 

Okay reader's.
All picture I will put it later.
After I edit them.
wait okay. 

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