08 January 2011

Everything seems possible.

Greeting's my readers..
I would like to thanks to my family and my friends who are concern about me.
I appreciate your worries to me.
I still feel some stomach ache.
But I hope it will be gone soon.

After a while I searching the net,
the new blogger templates,
I fail to find one which I like.
So I decide to change my layout with blogger template provided.
and suddenly I saw this one button,
"Upload your Image" 
How happy I am
cause I didn't know I can upload my own image and be the background picture.
After that,
It take's me 30 minute to find the perfect picture for me to put in the background.
After trying a bunch of picture of myself, my family and my friend,
Finally, I choose Big Bang pictures.
I take it from Google.
Does it look nice?
Oh, whatever,
as long as I like it.
And hope you all like it to. 

1 comment:


bigbang?? didn't saw it...
u change it right??
well, nice blog...
teach me soon, araso?
huhu...love u...