11 January 2011


Greeting Reader's.
I'm having a best day of this new semester.
My buddy and I went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi today.
At first we want to went back at my home.
To take the UiTM sticker and the apartment sticker.
It was fun.
We went to the Green Box.
It's Karaoke time.
We enter the Green Box at 10 until 2 o'clock.
I didn't count how many song we sang.
But I think I hold the microphone to my self about an hour.
there is a lot of song I sang.
And yes.
I didn't miss the Korean song.
2ne1, Big Bang and Super Junior
But unfortunately,
there is no subtitle that we can read.
Believe me.
When we sang the song,
We didn't understand a single word came.
But we know the song,
So we sang according to the sound.
It was so funny.
and then after we sang and dancing for a 3 hour,
We decide to have a lunch.
But Zaty, Ton and Jda don't want to eat,
So me, Baz and Anyss  went to eat and the other's went to window shopping.
We decide to eat at Pizza Hut,
But beside that,
I went to the Kenny Roger's and take away a Macaroni and Cheese.
I have to set of lunch.
Pizza and Macaroni.
But then I decide to eat the Macaroni at home.
The taste is delicious babe.
My favorite.
And after that we decide to went home.
And now we are in dilemma if we want to go play a badminton or not.
Do you want to go or not??

oh wait~
I will update the picture later okay. 
As usual,
Need to edit it before I put it here.


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