07 January 2011

It's Hurt!

Greeting's Reader.
Something happen today,
Do you want to know what it is?
Here the story's.
After the last class of International Business.
We decided to go back to our home town.
I drop them by at the KTM(Keretapi Tanah Melayu) Klang,
After that,
I went straight home and arrived here at 1 o'clock in noon.
I've watch the television until 3:30 
(while watching the tv, I eat a 4 piece of hot dog.)
Then I fall asleep until 6 o'clock when suddenly I feel the pain.

I go to the toilet,
and I puke.
The hot dog I ate,
no longer in my stomach.
The hurt is not gone yet.
It's continue.
It was so painful,
I have to crawling out from the toilet.
I can't stand up straight 
I go to the Living Room
My mom were in the kitchen,
You know what I do?
I've shout as laud as I can.
It give my mom a shock,
She came running to me,
I tell her I want a Pain killer's pill,
I shout to her that I want it now!
you know, 
shout like you were in a concert of Paramore!
like this.


and believe me,
it was so loud and powerful that make my mom in chaos.
She find the Pills,
but of course her mouth's not shutting.
She's get mad at me for not eating it before I feel the pain,
oh you know,
I'm having a cramps,
(as usual for me but the pain is more)
she gave me the pills,
and I swallow it,
but you know,
I want the pain to go away
but it's not the active fast reaction pills,
only the normal one.
So I was screaming like hell's again.
The air in my stomach make's it more painful.
my dad was hanging out with his friend outside,
my mom can't stand the shouting I made,
Make her call my dad.
My dad came home 5 minutes after that 
and he was damn worry when he heard the screaming,
He rush to me and ask

"Angah,(he called me that cause I'm the second child) don't you eat anything else besides the hot dog?"

and of course I shout to him to, I said.


he's mumbling to himself.
that time only GOD knows the pain.
I kept crying and shouting.
like I want to gave a birth to someone.
He's support my body and carry me to the car
before that,
He's get angry to my mom
who want's me to go to the clinic at Bukit Tinggi
GOD it's far.
there was her official clinic for MAS
And will get a discount something like that.
my dad said 

"just go to these nearby clinic, and it's okay to spend more than 10 dollar for this time"

He's asking her to go together,
My father take me to the car,
and still 
I don't stop crying cause I have to walk,
My dad I was to have for him to carry,
So I'm hanging on to his neck and walk
and once again
the pain come's.
All my neighbor were outside,
well it's 6 o'clock.
there is also a lot of children playing
some of them who's always playing with my dad said something
I heard like they said

"Uncle? what's going on? She's want to gave birth ea?"

My dad just saying "No lah." and laughing.

And we went to the Poliklinik Azlina.
Once more,
I have to walk there,
damn it hurt again
everybody was looking at me.
You know,
I wear a t-shirt with a pant's that meant to be at home only pant's and of course it's an ugly one.
I went inside 
and the doctor get mad at me
for not coming there early,

my heart said that
"Doctor? Do you think that I know this thing going to happen?"

she gave me an injection at my back(ass)
and more pain come when she inject me
I hate injection.

After that 
I thought the pain will go away just like that
and I was wrong
Then I have to went back to the car
you know like the first time.

went back to home 
and straight to my room
and lying down
and rest
until now.
I just woke up
writing it on the blog and
telling everything about it.

Like I say
only GOD knows the pain.

I hope,
In the future I will not feel this kind of pain again.

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Sorry hearing this news...
Hope u will be better soon n no more killing pain