13 January 2011


As I promise.
This is the picture of us having a barbecue. 
after editing the picture.

We are inside the house.
So we didn't get our cloth to smell the barbecue smoke.
sorry guys.
Only there for eat.eat and eat.

this picture was taken by syamimi.
And this time is when we decide to back out.
We already eat,
As I told you at the past post.
We went to Tesco after we eat at this barbecue. 
And this is the time.
Sorry guys. 
But really,
it's delicious and fun.

 And now a picture of us in Karaoke. 
(taken by Anyss)

This picture shows that I love to sing.
That day,
I take over the Mic.

 She's Anyss.
That day was fun!!

Enough about the past.
Now let's go back to the present.
At 5 o'clock in the evening today,
We all go out for an exercise.
Well we intended to play a badminton actually.
And of course some photo shoot.
But unfortunately,
Today was a windy day.
We start to play first,
And it feel like you are playing a badminton while doing a sky jumping.
Serious guys,
The wind so strong,
We can't even hit the shuttle.
And we decide to take a photo instead of playing the badminton.
Here are some of the result of the photo shoot session.

(taken by Jda)

(taken by me)

(taken by self timing~ so the color is a little bit dark and I don't know how to make it clear more.)

Alright guys,
that's all for today.
there is a lot of picture actually,
But I don't have the right to put all of them in here okay.
The picture also belong's to my friend.
So guys.
why don't you try hang out with your friends too.
I'll assure you.
It will be fun!

(believe me. it was her idea's.)

good night reader's.
sweet dream's~
hope your day will be full of sunshine tomorrow!


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sure fun that time!
nak main badminton tapi kot laen plak jadik...hahaha

Well,sume ni jadi
'kenangan terindah'

Forever Friend~