08 January 2011


Girls who can't break up, Boys who can't leave.(LeesSang)

I'm not laughing.(LeesSang)

Come back to me~ (Gary of LeesSang ft Kim Jong Kook).

High-High(G-Dragon ft. TOP)

Knock Out(G-Dragon ft. TOP)

Keep Your Head Down(TVXQ)

Greeting's Reader.
All the song above were my favorite.
Sometimes I like to hear a slow songs,
and sometimes I like to hear RnB songs,
But I don't like Rock songs.
Enjoy okay.

Oh ya~ 
I know LeesSang from Running Man (Korean) show,
The show is hilarious.
You all should try and watch them.
I'll give you my words that the show will make your day.
Just go to isubs-squad and you can watch it there.
Don't worry,
it already have a English Subs if you go to the web.
And you have to sign up first and yes! its FREE. 

And if you watch it already,
tell me how was it. 

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huhu...i love Kpop...
DBSK da best out of the above!