18 June 2011

Help me to Choose..

who would you choose?

a guy who is younger than you but have a full time work..

a guy who is in the same age with you but don't work...

a guy who older than you and have a full time work..

Among this three,
who would you choose?
it' s not like the choice of my life..
but I think it is..
for now at list..

GOD! maybe I should pretend that nothing happened and flow with the rhyme..
can I?
or should I choose..
DAMN! it's confusing me...

Just hope I have a few sign for this...

1 comment:

Jaidaa said...

better guy older than you, have full time work...tapi xnk lak tue gile dr kite (5-6 years is still ok).lebih 10 thn, nmpk cm uncle n knk2 riang..opss, hehe...tapi klu dh jodoh, wt can we do meh?

-by da way, singgah2 le blog