14 February 2012


Today at my work,
I've realize something that I should been noticed earlier..
I'm alone..
There is absolutely nobody here to be with me..
accept for those who really falling in love with me..
Besides that,
There's nobody..
Nobody to hear me nagging
Nobody to hear me crying
Nobody to just be there besides me...
Absolutely non!!
After all this year...
Even though people see me with somebody
There still nobody besides me
Beside my heart to be precise..
That what I mean
Yes! I do have a boyfriend
But No!
I don't have a friend..
He said he can be my friend..
But it's not the same
It's not the same feeling when you hanging out with your buddy..
you can feel pity for me
But no!
you can't feel the pain that I have to feel...
For those out there who feel the same with me
Can I admit that I'm Forever Alone?
My boyfriend might feel bad when he read this..
But I'm sorry dear...
It's not the same..
Cause I want my friend to be besides me whenever I want they too.
And you know you can't do that right?
I am so sorry for saying this..
But I still love me..
But it will mean a lot for me
If I had friend besides me...
And yes dear..
It's different.
you are my ONLY ONE..
Don't worry,
I wont find any other guy to replace you.
Unless you are replacing my place inside your heart first....
Than I will do the same...
Until that time comes...
I will not be ashamed to admit to the WORLD
that I'm In Love WITH you...

And for my future friends...
I do want to be your friend...
And for those who think you all my friend..
Yes you still my friend..
It just that you are not here, next to my heart...
Accompanying me whenever I WANT to...
Whenever I NEED to...
You just there when we need a laugh...
But if you read this then you don't want to befriend with me again...
I'll understand guys.
I love you...

Yes my dear Faizal... I do love you too..
I'm not forgetting you guys to Mama, Abah, Along and Adik...
I love you guys...

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