10 February 2012

Taik lembu jantan!!!

Holla Everyone!!
It's Friday yaww!!!
Waiting for the time to be at 5:30..
And all I want to do is having a blast weekend..
(cause I'm at work now)
Yeah I know...
It's a lie..
All I do on the weekend is just watching TV, Online and reading some comic books..
While all the cool girls and boys going out having a party..
It's me!
Natural me...
Doing nothing that waste your time..
As if watching TV is not wasting time..
Hell not!
Unless you are watching the same movie over and over again..
Then you can call that wasting time..
What I'm saying here is...
I've got super reacted with all the Internet around us..
In other words...
I've addicted with 9gag.com
You guys better watch out..
This website is dangerous..
Once you go there..
There will be no turning back.
And they will take all your soul too..
Kidding guys..
But really,
Try it..
It's a fun site..
But the part when I say you will never go back is real..
Cause you will got addicted like me..
I still alive..
One more thing..
About the title..
why don't you guys try to translate it..
use Google
translate it to English guys...
For those who already know the title means...
Don't get angry guys..
It's just a words...
"If you know what I means..."


To those who say I don't have a social life..
I do...
It just I don't like to be the one who get all the attention..
this word make me laugh hard!!!
I wish it was true..
no la guys!
I don't like to hang out with no cash in my hand..
feel like some homeless people begging for pity and money...
hell not!!
I hope I will not do that in my life or my descent life...
I want to be a billionaire..
with a lot of air around...
what am I talking right now??
you guys can refer to the title again..

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